…and it continues

A few more days of vacation is still remaining. It feels like the days are going by too fast. I need an additional two more weeks off 😀

My Las Vegas trip was fantastic. It’s the best trip so far. I spent a bit more than I wanted but it wasn’t too bad. The best part was I got to meet some PrideFC fighters; Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Josh Barnett. I’ll post pictures when my friend sends them to me. Someone suggested another trip later this year. I may have to pass on that one, at least until I settle things in (more on that later).

There’s one big item on my list I need to check off for things to do during my vacation. It’s to work on my webserver. I may start on it tonight so there might be some downtime for this site. If I’m lucky it’ll only be down for about 2-3 hours so cross your fingers for me.

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