System Upgraded

Alright, so I finally upgraded my Operating System to a Server-Based OS. Now my system is more robust and secure. It only took me an hour an a half which was less than half the time I was expecting.

I spent over a month testing everything on a VMware server and it looks like it paid off. There are a few things that I haven’t implemented yet. The Contact Me function is not going to work. At least until a few more hours. My music site will not be up and will likely be ready by the end of the weekend. What’s my music site you ask? It’s a webscript I use to host and stream all my music. It’s something I use to listen to when I’m at work or away from home. The site is user-restricted and it’ll require me to personally create an account. Currently, there are only a handful of accounts and I don’t think I will be creating anymore soon.

Anyways, if you see any problems with the site please report them to me by leaving a comment. I’m trying to get the Contact Me function as soon as I can. Thanks.

Update: Contact Me page is fully fuctional.

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