The Vacation

I started my vacation last Thursday. No more work until March 5th 😀 I really need this break to relax and catch up on things I’ve been missing. I was up in Tahoe over the weekend and I got to snowboard and hang out with some friends it was great.

This weekend I’ll be heading to Las Vegas. Yes, I know, again. That’s four trips in less than 8 months. This time it’s for a group birthday event, if that makes sense to anyone.

I’m also back coaching my old High School Track and Field team. I missed coaching the team. We got some real good potential this year and this group of students seem more motivated. Well at least most of them.

I should be upgrading my web server next week, so there will be some downtime for this website which may last from 2 – 5 hours. So even on my vacation I still have my hands full, but at least it’s full of doing things I enjoy.

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