First entry of 2006

After my last entry I decided to meet some friends at a club downtown. It was already pass midnight and there was a small line to get into the club. There was a group of black guys trying to thug their way in. It took about 20 minutes to let all those black guys in as they wore several layers of Fubu and Sean John clothing. It didn’t speed things up as the bouncers kept finding objects in their pockets even when they have repeatedly told them to empty it. After the ID check and the pat-downs I got to the front table where this lady asked me for $60. She must of been on crack because my friend, who is the DJ, said the cover was only $25. Just by mentioning my friend’s name they decided to let me in for $25. That was the first time it has happen. I thought it only worked on TV and in the movies where dropping a name gets you some sort of hook-up.

Once inside there were plenty of drunk people waddling around. It was fairly a mixed crowd. The blacks at one end and the Mexicans on the other. The Jews where at the bar haggling to get a discount on their drinks. It still amazes me the kind of clothing that women will wear. The temperature was in the low 60s high 50s yet they largest piece of clothing they have on are their shoes. I probably wouldn’t complain if they were hot looking girls. Call me shallow, but they where fat and hideous. No wonder they tried to charge me $60 to get in. The remaining difference was to pay for the freak show. No amount of make-up or dim lighting could save them, yet they were dancing with several guys. It actually wasn’t suprising, they were dancing with the Fubu – Sean John wearing thugs.

The remaining of the night was uneventful. I met up with my old friends and made some new ones in the process. I went home feeling satisfied that I didnt’ spend over $50 just to go to a club then spending ridiculous more money on alcohol to hang out with your buddies.

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