Hello 2006!

Ready or not here it comes. As I sit here in my room writing this entry, which I believe about a handful of people will actually read in the near future, who am I kidding, I might get three if some guy types in the wrong URL, people are out partying and getting drunk. So have you guys got your New Year’s Resolution yet? I’m still thinking about mine.

What can we expect from 2006? The Winter Olympic and more antics from the President. With enough wishful thinking, the 49ers might get Reggie Bush for the NFL draft. This is also the year I turn 24. Which is relatively young compared to someone who is retired. But 24 is the age where you should start slowing down the partying and prepare more for the long term. Am I prepared? Maybe. I’m crossing my fingers and wish that this is the year I win the lottery. I probably have a better chance getting hit by lighting while I’m asleep in my room.

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