What’s your New Year ‘s Resolution?

I got a few 2006 goals to accomplish. It’s better to make a couple reachable goals and one or two tough goals. One of my first new year’s resolution is to run more races this year and squeeze in two half-marathons while I’m at it. My second goal is to reach a target weight that I’ve set for myself. I’m not going to say what weight, so don’t ask. Third, take a nice vacation probably somewhere out of state or even out of the country. I haven’t taken a real vacation in such a long time. Fourth, to move out, and get my own place. I know living at home can save lots of money, but how much is privacy and having your own kick-ass pad worth? Finally, for my last resolution I want to start a fight club, where the number one rule is that we don’t talk about ‘fight club’. CRAP! I’ve already said too much.

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