UFC 126

Going to Las Vegas has become like a ritual around this time for the last few years. Superbowl and UFC weekend has fallen on or near my birthday UFC 126 is no different.  I am in Las Vegas to catch the weigh ins again. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending it, but I will be catching a closed-circuit viewing of the event instead.

This UFC event is one of the most stacked events in a long time. In addition to the headliners “Kid” Yamamoto, Miguel Torres, and Donald Cerrone making their UFC debut it will be exciting to see these lighter fighters show how dynamic their weight class has become.

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

It’s finally happening. This fight has been scrapped a few times in the past due to injuries from each fighter, but now both have healed up and ready to get it on. Vitor Belfort has come a long way with a roller coaster ride of a career with big wins and disappointing losses he has now in a position to solidify himself as one of the best fighters in the world. A win over Anderson Silva will rock the middleweight division. Belfort is known to have very fast hands, but he has always shown weakness in the mental aspect of the fight game. Troubled by personal issues of the past (he had a sister who was kidnapped and killed) was thought to be the cause of his poor performance. Belfort’s last loss has been in 2006, and his last win was an impressive KO over Rich Franklin which catapulted him to number one contender.

Anderson Silva has ruled the division longer than Belfort’s current winning streak. He has dominated almost all of his opponents and made his wins look easy. In this fight I don’t see Belfort being any more of a threat compared to his previous opponents. Silva’s striking is superb and his grappling is just as good as anyone in the division. I expect Silva to win dynamically. Belfort will try to be aggressive, but that will only make The Spider step up his game and win the fight fashionably.

For Belfort to win he will need to take the fight to the ground early and score points in the eye of the judges. Keeping Anderson on his back is the best chance for any fighter going against him. In the end the Champion will retain his belt unless Belfort can sneek in a flash KO with his quick hands but I don’t see that happening.

My Picks:

Anderson Silva beats Vitor Belfort
Forrest Griffin beats Rich Franklin
Jon Jones beats Ryan Bader
Jake Ellenberger beats Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Miguel Torres beats Antonio Banuelos
Chad Mendez beats Michihiro Omigawa
Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto beats Demetrious Johnson
Paul Taylor beats Gabe Ruediger
Kenny Robertson beats Mike Pierce

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