UFC 162



The Spider is back in the octagon to defend his title against an explosive up and coming Chris Weidman. Weidman is a powerful wrestler that has KO power. Many see Weidman as the man to dethrone Silva. It doesn’t mean much since everyone says that about all of Silva’s opponents, but in the end Silva walks away keeping his title without breaking a sweat.

Silva is still the king of the division, and he’ll prove it to night by stopping Weidman in the later rounds.  Weidman will have to focus on his wrestling and keep Silva on his back if he wants a chance. As long as Silva is standing it will be a bad night for the challenger.


My Picks:

Anderson Silva beats Chris Weidman
Frankie Edgar beats Charles Oliveria
Tim Kennedy beats Roger Gracie
Tim Boetsch beats Mark Munoz
Dennis Siver beats Cub Swanson
Dave Herman beats Gabriel Gonzaga
Edson Barboza beats Rafaello Oliveria

UFC 153

I’ve talked to some fiends and many of them have already written Bonnar off on this fight. Anderson Silva is the clear favorite, but in MMA everyone has a chance.  Unlike most Anderson’s previous opponents Bonnar has the slight weight and size advantage.  I believe Bonnar’s only chance is to take the fight to the ground.  Bonnar’s BJJ is underrated and he can surprise the Middleweight champ and the world if he can slip in a submission early in the fight.  But that’s easier said than done.  I expect Anderson Silva to keep the fight standing and knocking out the former TUF competitor.

My Picks:

Anderson Silva beats Stephan Bonnar
Dave Herman beats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Glover Teixeira beats Fabio Maldonado
Erick Silva beats Jon Fitch
Phil Davis beats Wagner Prado
Rick Story beats Demian Maia
Gleison Tibau beats Francisco Trinaldo
Diego Brando beats Joey Gambino
Luis Cane beats Chris Camozzi

UFC 148

Chael Sonnen is getting his wish, a rematch against the Middleweight King, Anderson Silva. It’s an understatement to say that Sonnen despises the current champ. And in every interview it’s seldom that he doesn’t mention how he feels about Anderson Silva.

With all the smack talking from Sonnen, it has finally struck a nerve with the always cool and calm champ. Silva has voiced some of his own smack talk as well. And at the weigh ins staredown Silva gave Sonnen an uncharacteristic shoulder bump that quickly caused both camps to jump in to prevent any further escalation. The tension in the air between both fighters was heavy and it only makes this fight more anticipating than ever.

In their last fight Sonnen dominated every minute of every round until the final round where Silva was able to slip in a triangle choke. As impressive as Sonnen was in that fight I don’t think he can replicate that performance. This is the first time we’ve seen an emotionally motivated Anderson Silva. And this motivation is just fuel to the fire that Sonnen is stoking. Expect Silva to keep the fight standing as he will try to KO Sonnen. But it’s likely that Sonnen will take the fight to the ground and in that case he’ll fall victim to another submission.

My Picks:

Anderson Silva beats Chael Sonnen
John Alessio beats Shane Roller
Chad Mendes beats Cody McKenzie
Mike Easton beats Ivan Menjivar
Rafaello Oliveira beats Yoislandy Izquierdo
Patrick Cote beats Cung Le
Forrest Griffin beats Tito Ortiz
Dong Hyun Kim beats Demian Maia
Constantinos Philippou beats Riki Fukuda
Gleison Tibau beats Habib Nurmagomedov
Melvin Guillard beats Fabricio Camoes

UFC 134 – Rio

For the second time the raining Middleweight champ, Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, will be facing the Japanese sensation, Yushin Okami. The last time they faced each other the fight ended in an awkward win for Okami, via disqualification by Anderson Silva.  Nevertheless Okami is the last person to hold a win over The Spider. This fight has been a long time coming. Okami has put on some great fights as well as a couple of disappointing losses, but with each loss Okami came back more determined and has proved himself  to be a worthy contender to the title.

Tomorrow night will be a special night for UFC and the Brazilian fans. It’s been over a decade since Brazil held a UFC event. Many of the popular UFC Brazilian fighters will be representing their country in the Octagon. Most importantly the Middleweight title is on the line. Watch Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera fight for the first time in his home country against rising star, Brendan Schaub. Shogun Rua is back in the octagon.  This time it will be a rematch against TUF winner and former Light Heavyweight champ, Forrest Griffin and the fighter that beat Rua in his UFC debut.

My Picks:

Luis Cane beats Stanislav Nedkov
Rousimar Palhares beats Dan Miller
Ross Pearson beats Edson Barboza
Forrest Griffin beats Mauricio Rua
Paulo Thiago beats David Mitchell
Thiago Tavares beats Spencer Fisher
Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera beats Brendan Shaub
Anderson Silva beats Yushin Okami

UFC 126

Going to Las Vegas has become like a ritual around this time for the last few years. Superbowl and UFC weekend has fallen on or near my birthday UFC 126 is no different.  I am in Las Vegas to catch the weigh ins again. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending it, but I will be catching a closed-circuit viewing of the event instead.

This UFC event is one of the most stacked events in a long time. In addition to the headliners “Kid” Yamamoto, Miguel Torres, and Donald Cerrone making their UFC debut it will be exciting to see these lighter fighters show how dynamic their weight class has become.

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

It’s finally happening. This fight has been scrapped a few times in the past due to injuries from each fighter, but now both have healed up and ready to get it on. Vitor Belfort has come a long way with a roller coaster ride of a career with big wins and disappointing losses he has now in a position to solidify himself as one of the best fighters in the world. A win over Anderson Silva will rock the middleweight division. Belfort is known to have very fast hands, but he has always shown weakness in the mental aspect of the fight game. Troubled by personal issues of the past (he had a sister who was kidnapped and killed) was thought to be the cause of his poor performance. Belfort’s last loss has been in 2006, and his last win was an impressive KO over Rich Franklin which catapulted him to number one contender.

Anderson Silva has ruled the division longer than Belfort’s current winning streak. He has dominated almost all of his opponents and made his wins look easy. In this fight I don’t see Belfort being any more of a threat compared to his previous opponents. Silva’s striking is superb and his grappling is just as good as anyone in the division. I expect Silva to win dynamically. Belfort will try to be aggressive, but that will only make The Spider step up his game and win the fight fashionably.

For Belfort to win he will need to take the fight to the ground early and score points in the eye of the judges. Keeping Anderson on his back is the best chance for any fighter going against him. In the end the Champion will retain his belt unless Belfort can sneek in a flash KO with his quick hands but I don’t see that happening.

My Picks:

Anderson Silva beats Vitor Belfort
Forrest Griffin beats Rich Franklin
Jon Jones beats Ryan Bader
Jake Ellenberger beats Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Miguel Torres beats Antonio Banuelos
Chad Mendez beats Michihiro Omigawa
Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto beats Demetrious Johnson
Paul Taylor beats Gabe Ruediger
Kenny Robertson beats Mike Pierce

UFC 117

This will be the first time UFC has held an event in Oakland and it has a stacked card, at least for me it is. Headlining the event will be Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva defending his belt against big mouthed trash-talking Republican Chael Sonnen.  A lot of hype is being thrown into this fight thanks to Sonnen’s commentary, but the truth is Sonnen hasn’t faced a fighter like Silva, but Silva has faced wrestlers and ground fighters and won with ease.  I’m not saying Sonnen has no chance of winning, he just needs to bring a strategy that is much different than what he’s brought against his past opponents.

When Anderson Silva fought Travis Lutter Silva was put on his back and got a slight beating only if it was for a slight moment. Against Dan Henderson in the first round, Silva was taken down and held there for the majority of the period. Both those guys have great ground game, but was unable to finish Silva. As for Sonnen, he needs to take the fight to the ground, but unlike Henderson and Lutter he needs to finish. He needs to stay busy inflicting damage and work his top position and prevent Silva from escaping. On the feet is where it gets tricky. Anderson Silva’s striking is above and beyond Sonnen’s and he’ll have to find a way to take the fight to the ground. It’s likely that Sonnen will use the cage and his clinch to work for a takedown or a catching a kick from Silva, and anyone who’s anyone knows that being in the clinch with Anderson Silva is a quick way to see stars and birdies.

But the big question is on Anderson Silva whether he’s coming into the cage like he did against Demian Maia. Silva seems to not take a fight seriously when he knows he’s the better fighter. The Cote, Leites, and Maia fight were more than lackluster, it was an embarrassment for a Middleweight Champion. I don’t see Anderson Silva losing, but if he fools around in the cage like before I just hope Sonnen catches him and puts out. I’m a huge Anderson Silva fan, but his last fight made me lose a lot of respect for him.

My Picks:

Ben Saunders beats Dennis Hallman
Johny Hendricks beats Charlie Brenneman
Tim Boetsch beats Todd Brown
Phils Davis beats Rodney Wallace
Junoir Dos Santos beats Roy Nelson
Ricardo Almeida beats Matt Hughes
Clay Guida beats Rafael Dos Anjos
Thiago Silva beats Jon Fitch
Anderson Silva beats Chael Sonnen

UFC 112

The Middleweight and Lightweight kings are back in the octagon defending their titles. For the first time, UFC will be holding their first event in Abu Dhabi in an outdoor arena. Fighters will be fighting in the open environment, so let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia

Anderson Silva was slated to face fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort, but due to a shoulder injury Demian Maia has stepped up to take his place to fight for the title.  I think Maia makes a more dangerous opponent than Belfort. Maia’s BBJ is world-class and is second to none in MMA. Silva’s ground game is underrated and he’ll prove that this Saturday. Maia’s only advantage is taking the fight to the ground, but that’s easier said than done when the Champ is considered the best striker in all of MMA. It’s not to say that it’s an impossible task as other fighters in the past have managed to take Silva down such as Dan Henderson and Travis Lutter. In reality there is no perfect game plan against Anderson Silva. Maia will have to close the distance to even attempt a take down, and even then, that’s where the Champ is the most dangerous with this Thai clinch and knees. I see this fight ending in a boring decision with Maia evading the striking prowess of Silva or a devastating KO by the hands or knees of the Middleweight champ.

BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar

BJ Penn has truly focused on his career establishing himself as the best Lightweight fighter of all time. Penn has defended his title 3 times with ease. And on Saturday he will be facing a fighter with fast hands and great wrestling, Frankie Edgar. Edgar is one of the few fighters in MMA that mixes this quick crisp boxing with his wrestling very well.  But the same can be said about BJ Penn about his boxing and BJJ. The only thing that Edgar brings to the table on Saturday is his fast hands. As of late, Penn’s stand-up has been giving all his opponents trouble, and it’s where he wears down his foes and finishes them off on the ground. So fast hands won’t be enough to take the belt from the Prodigy. Edgar will need a game plan that forces Penn to pick up the pace in the fight and draw it out into the championship rounds. I haven’t been sold on his “improved cardio”. If Edgar can avoid the ground game and push the pace for the first few rounds he can capitalize on a very tired BJ Penn in rounds 4 and 5.  Unfortunately the only person with the skill-set that can implement that plan is currently holding the Welterweight title. I see this fight ending via TKO or submission with Penn licking his glove and the belt still around his waist.

My Picks:

Anderson Silva beats Demian Maia
BJ Penn beats Frankie Edgar
Renzo Gracie beats Matt Hughes
Terry Etim beats Rafael Dos Anjos
Mark Munoz beats Kendall Grove
Paul Taylor beats John Gunderson
Matt Veach beats Paul Kelly

UFC 101


BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian

With the return of BJ Penn the lightweight title will be on the line as he will be defending it from Kenny Florian. On paper Penn is considered the heavy favorite, but for the last two years Florian has shown tremendous growth and improvement in his standup and ground game.

This will be Florian’s toughest fight to date. Penn is one of the most well-rounded fighters in MMA, but Florian is almost just as dangerous. When it comes to his striking, Florian’s Muay Thai is solid and will surprise Penn if he keeps the fight standing. Kenny will be utilizing his kicks to slow down his opponent, so expect Penn to shoot in for takedowns. It’s on the ground where Penn will have a big advantage. Penn’s slick BJJ is world-class and he is just as dangerous being on his back as he is on the top position. The odds are against Florian, but with the right strategy he can pull off an upset.

What does Florian need to do? Florian needs to keep the fight standing and use his menacing elbows during the clinches. A Machida tactic of hit and run would be best against Penn. Penn has the propensity of engaging his opponents and pushing the action. With good lateral movement it would set plenty of opportunities for countering. With all that said Will Kenny Florian win? I guess we’ll have to wait an find out. I like rooting for the underdog, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Florian grabs the decision or even get a KO.

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

There is really no worthy opponent for Anderson Silva in the middleweight division so moving up to 205 for competitive fights is very balsy. This is why he’s considered to be the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world. This bout with Forrest will push Silva to his limit. Forrest is a huge 205-er. What makes Forrest Griffin different from Silva’s previous opponents is that Griffin feeds off the challenge. As the fight goes into the later rounds Griffin seems to get stronger.

Anderson Silva will have his hands full and don’t expect him to engage full force at the beginning. It’s common knowledged that the first half of the round you will see Silva running around throwing some jabs and a few kicks until he finds his range. From there you’ll see Silva picking apart is opponent. Once his opponent is hurt, Silva pounces for the kill. Looking back at at Silva’s previous fights he has trouble being on his back, but that doesn’t necessarily means it’s his weakness. It can mean that his ground game is not as strong as his standup. So Forrest should take the fight to the ground as often as he can but still remain cautious. Forrest needs to put Silva up against the fence and drag him down and get into side control or full mount that way he can avoid Silva’s long legs.

This fight has a ton of potential to be FOTY, I just hope it delivers. If Silva wins it’ll solidify him as an all time greatest fighter of all time. And if Griffin pulls the win he gets to be the first to prove that Silva needs to stay in his own weight class.

My Picks:

BJ Penn beats Kenny Florian
Anderson Silva beats Forrest Griffin
Kendall Grove beats Ricardo Almeida
Kurt Pellegrino beats Josh Neer
Johny Hendricks beats Amir Soddollah

UFC 82


From the words of UFC’s iconic announcer Bruce Buffer, “It is time..!!!!” for UFC 82. Headlining the event is Anderson Silva defending his title against Dangerous Dan Henderson. Not only is this for the Middleweight title, but it’s for the unification of PrideFC’s Middleweight title that Henderson holds.

Dan Henderson is only fighter to hold two titles in two seperate division in PrideFC. Last year Henderson lost his Lightheavy weight title to UFC’s current Champ, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. And now Henderson is now fighting a fighter who is considered one of the top pound for pound fighter in the sports of mixed martial arts. It seems UFC is not giving Henderson a break at all. Henderson has his hands full with Silva. Silva has a superior and technical striking game whereas Henderson is a big slugger with KO power in each hand. So this contrast in styles will likely play in Silva’s hands as long as he doesn’t get caught with one of Henderson’s haymakers.

We’ve seen Silva’s great striking abilities, and his slick BJJ, and his clench game is second to none. But there’s one spot where Silva has not been put in yet. And that’s being pressed up against the cage and get worked by some dirty boxing or crowded in the corner against the fence getting pounded. The reason why we’ve never seen him in that situation is because Silva is smart and utilizes his footwork and to put himself in position to use his weapons. But if there’s one person who can force him against the cage and into a corner it would be Dan Henderson. Henderson is a pedigree wrestler, Greco-Roman that is. If Henderson can close the gap on Silva and get put his back against the fence it would neutralize Silva’s devastating knees, kicks, punches. But then it’s always easier said than done.

My pick is Silva. Silva has too many ways to win, and Henderson has nothing that Silva has never faced. Unless Henderson catches Silva with an over hand right that stuns or KO Silva it’s going to be another loss for him in the UFC.

My Picks:

Cheick Kongo via stoppage
Chris Leben via submission
Evan Tanner via decision
Jon Fitch via submission
Andrei Arlovski via KO
Luke Cummo via stoppage
Josh Koscheck via stoppage
Diego Sanchez via submission
Jorge Gurgel via decision