DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb who is an “extractor”, one who enters a person’s dream to find hidden information and secrets. This time Cobb gets contracted for a job far different than what he normally does, called inception. Instead of finding information Cobb must plant an idea in the mind of a man who will be inheriting a corporation from his father. Where the idea would manifest itself to have the son believe that dissolving the corporation is what his father always wanted.

Inception is an intricate and complex film about espionage of the mind. The premise has been done a few times in the past but Inception nails it spot on twisting and bending the mind of its viewers. As a viewer you’ll have to pay close attention to every facet of the movie and using some of your imagination to understand complex concepts of dreams and how the mind works.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½

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