Take it how you will. Some will call it a reboot or it could be considered a sequel. The film takes place 23 years after the first movie as one of the characters recall stories of events that happen back in 1987 when Arnie took on the original Predator.  The film starts off with the each of the characters unconscience and mysteriously parachuted into an unknown area, but they soon find out that they’re no longer on Earth, but on a planet where they being hunted. It’s kind of like Avatar, but in reverse, ok, maybe not.

The movie takes some of its queues from the original movie. From musical score to some of the action scenes. But unlike the original, the group being hunted are not a special ops team, but a select group of Earths best (or worst) soldiers and criminals. They must find a way to survive and and escape the planet. Many will quickly compare the movie to the original which is unfair, but this movie does hold its own.

Adrian Brody plays a convincing bad-ass mercenary and Oleg Taktarov is surprisingly warming even though he plays a Russian Spetsnas commando, but Topher Grace and his 70’s Show typecast role takes away the seriousness of the film. (Seriously, he basically plays Eric Foreman in all his movies) In the end it’s a decent action movie that tried live up to its predecessor (I’m not talking about Predator 2).

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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