Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The vampire and werewolf phenomenon has gone into overdrive with millions of teenage girls clamoring over the newest film of the Twilight saga. I’ve seen the first two due to a morbid curiosity. They were almost decent movies if it wasn’t for the corny acting.

Eclipse starts where New Moon ends. Unlike the previous movie Jacob and Edward must team up to protect Bella against Victoria and her newfound army. That’s pretty much it. Add a few plot holes and few scenes with a shirtless Jacob and you have the entire third film.  I never read the books, but it’s definitely clear that a woman must have wrote it. You have a girl whose being fought over by two guys; one who looks like a heroine addict and the other looks like he’s been eating Cherrios laced with steroids. The girl plays on both of these guys and none of them seem to mind. This third film felt like it was rushed and the whole plot stank because of it and I think it’s the worst of the three films. Enough with the vampire movies. We need more zombie flicks.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

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