Rocky Balboa


For those who aren’t familiar with the Rocky series this is the sixth Rocky film. The series carry the all familiar theme of an underdog beating the odds.

Rocky comes out of retirement to get back into the ring for some local low profile matches. But World Champion Mason Dixon’s (played by real-life former World Champion Antonio Tarver) management sees an opportunity to exploit Rocky into an exhibition match to boost Dixon’s low popularity ratings.

Unlike it’s 80’s prequels, this film carries a much better production value. Unfortunately, the final fight of the movie takes a big step backwards. Fast scene changes combined with HBO-type filming takes away the intense fight bouts seen in Rocky I – IV. Overall, this (final) Rocky movie was much better than I had expected, well, compared to Rocky V anything better wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. Those who are fans of the other Rocky movies will feel the nostalgia for them after watching this movie.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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