Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic in the UFC!


Who is Cro Cop?

Mirko Cro Cop is one of the most feared MMA fighter ever to grace the sport. Known for his destructive striking abilities, Cro Cop has a list of knockout victims all thanks to his infamous Left High Kick.

Cro Cop’s MMA career flourished during his tenure in the Pride Fighting Championships in Japan. For unknown reasons, Cro Cop has left PrideFC and has joined UFC’s Heavyweight roster.

This new addition to the shallow UFC Heavyweight division will make current Heavyweight fighter’s in UFC think twice about dropping weight or whether or not to continue their MMA career. I can imagine now. Tim Sylvia, UFC’s current Heavyweight Champion, has just took a shit in his pants.

Who cares?

If you’re a serious MMA fan who follow the sport internationally will know that Cro Cop ends his fight brutally. And that is what the typical American fan craves. UFC has always claimed that no one has ever died in a UFC fight. That might change in the near future as Cro Cop’s first fight will be in February.

What do you think?

Cro Cop is one of my favorite fighters with more skill and talent you can shake a stick at. His striking is beyond superior, and his takedown defense is world class. But he has never fought in a cage like UFC. That difference can be a factor in his style of fighting. Nonetheless, Cro Cop’s opponent will have other things to worry about then to use the cage to their advantage. Such has avoiding an 85 mph left high kick to the head.

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