Casino Royale


Daniel Craig replaces Brosnan in the latest James Bond flick. Casino Royale is more of a prequel to all the 007 movies and it shows a glimpse of how Bond becomes an 007 agent. Craig plays Bond very well and all previous doubts about his ability to play the secret agent can be washed away.

Unlike, other Bond movies, Casino Royale doesn’t include as many hi-tech gadgets and gizmos. Even Bond is different. He is more brash and rugged rather than the suave and sleek role compared in the other Bond movies.

Casino Royale is tense and full of action, but the plot, solid at first, crumbles towards the end. Still, the movie is enjoyable and we can expect Daniel Craig to reprise his role in the next Bond movie.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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