My Titan Quest Prize


It came in yesterday. A signed copy of Titan Quest by the developers.

For those who has been wanting to read the prize-winning essay, here it is.

The Secret Life of a Conqueror
by Huy Nguyen

In the Tomb of Ramses, I slowly walk down the dark lit corridor. The heavy Thorny Maul glowing in the palm of my hand. A loud moan can be heard beyond the darkness. “Holy crap”, I thought to myself. Suddenly, a hoard of walking corpses swarms me. I swing my mighty-maul valiantly sending each of them into oblivion with each blow. With my Conqueror strength I bash the undead with my shield. Their remains explode into the air raining down bits and pieces of bite-size flesh. I turn around only to find a school of ethereal spirits bent on revenge for their comrades. I curse my enemies, “Bring it on you vile demons!” And before I can release my wrath and fury I feel a hand on my shoulder slowly shaking me.

“Huy, wake up.” A familiar voice said. I open my eyes and I am in a conference room with several co-workers sitting beside me. “What happen?” I asked. “Nothing, really. The meeting ended.” One of my co-workers responded. The four-hour lecture-meeting ended before I knew what happen.

Thanks to Titan Quest for providing me unproductive day-dreaming activities to make the most uneventful workday fly by.

As my co-worker and I walk back to our cubicle he turned around with raised eye-brows and asked, “Vile demons?”

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