“E.T. phone home…” via Blackberry

Nowadays cell phones are the ultimate tech device no one can leave home without. For the past six years I’ve had a handful of different cell phones, but my recent new cell phone, the Blackberry 8700c, is the best so far.


I mainly use my phone for texting and the occasional phone call. This Blackberry has a full QWERTY keyboard that makes sending messages much easier. The Blackberry’s OS has many features I don’t think I have much use for, at least for now. But having the ability to access a third-party email account anywhere at anytime is something I’ve been missing out with the other phones. You can even have a full IM client for chatting that works with the major IM protocols. Unlike my other QWERTY equipped phone, the Blackberry has a trademark clickable wheel that makes navigation much faster and efficient.

Besides its nifty application features, the Blackberry has an amazing spacious hi-res screen that’ll give the PSP a run for its money. Combined with its solidly built construction the phone feels rugged enough to take anywhere and maybe even last for years to come.

This Blackberry is tailored for business-use which lacks some obvious consumer features such as expandable memory storage and a camera. Given that this phone is almost a year old maybe the next updated model can have those features.

Note: The new Blackberry Pearl phone has all those great features and then some, but it doesn’t have a full QWERTY keyboard and no click-wheel.

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