The Best NES Games of All Time

Entertainment System. Simply known as the NES. The NES shaped the youth’s lives of its era, okay maybe not that extreme, but definitely did played a part in many young gamer’s lives. Here are my top pick of the 5 all time greats.


5. Super Mario Bros. 3
The third installment of the Mario series that set the standard for platform gaming. The unique levels and items that changes Mario and it’s gameplay made the game an instant classic.


4. Excitebike
Simple, yet loads of fun. What made the game so much fun was the option to create your own track with your own custom jumps. Who doesn’t like jumping their bike 50 ft in the air then crashing horribly and only to have your 8-bit character run to his bike for another jump?


Battling aliens with an assortment of guns couldn’t get anymore fun. The fact that it was nearly impossible to beat the game without using the infamous cheat code made it so memorable. Up, up, down, down, left… eh you know the rest.


2. The Legend of Zelda
Who can forget the little elf-like character, Link, battling his way through monster-filled dungeons and collecting a vast inventory of weapons and items. The Legend of Zelda was a game that even till today can be enjoyable.


1. Mike Tyson’s Punch-out
Dodging jabs, uppercuts, and spinning Macho-man punches all to get to the Iron Mike Tyson. This wasn’t just any rock’em sock’em boxing game, you had to learn the way each opponent fights in order to slip through their punches to take them down.

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