Iceman vs Babalu review

UFC 62 had great fights. In fact, all of the fights were great, but I was disappointed with the main event. Not only was I wrong with my pick for the winner, but the fight ended so quickly that we weren’t able to see the fighters showcase their skills.

Chuck is a great striker and he does what he does best, keeping the fight on his feet to knockout his opponents. And Babalu made the mistake of carelessly rushing in and catching a stiff right-cross from Chuck.

What could Babalu have done? Well, there were many things he could of have done. Babalu could have used his boxing an low-kicks to bring the fight pass the 2nd round. Exploiting Chuck’s stamina was a game plan that could have definitely worked in favor of Babalu. Maybe a few takedown attempts could have changed the outcome of the fight, but Chuck is known for his great takedown defense. In the end, congratulations to Chuck. As for Babalu this was his shot at the title and losing this fight sets him back quite a ways as this is his second loss to Chuck. He’ll have to rack up another amazing winning streak to be even considered to fight Chuck again.

With this win, Chuck was unofficially set to fight Wanderlei Silva, PrideFC’s 205 lbs title-holder. Silva is a very powerful and skilled fighter who, like the Iceman, likes to keep the fight standing. If this fight happens this could be the most anticipated fight of all time. And who ever wins this fight would undoubtedly be the best fighter in the 205 lbs division in the world.

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