X-Men 3 : The Last Stand


Professor X and his mutant team are back. The plot revolves around the conflict between mutants and non-mutants (normal humans). The mutants are believed to be dangerous and an abomination to society. So a cure is made to deactive the “X” gene which removes their mutant powers completely reducing any mutant to a mere human. Magneto and his mutant goons are out to destroy the cure as well as those who oppose their cause. Magneto manages to bring Jean Grey, who is now the Phoenix, to assist in his efforts. So who is there to save the people from Magneto and his mutant “Brotherhood”? You guessed it, the X-men.

I must say I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait for this movie. The trailers were exciting and the critic reviews were decent. But after watching the movie, I am very disappointed. Not only did it had nothing to do with the Pheonix Saga which was based of the comic series, but the characters are portrayed much different from the previous X-men movies as well as the comics. Storm and Wolverine lead the movie as the other X-men members died off. Yes, some of them actually die. Wolverine plays a more dramatic role where he deals with his feelings and love for Jean Grey, so much for the give-no-shit attiude badass killing claw-ripping mutant. And as for storm, I’m sorry to say, but Halle Barry couldn’t be cornier, ala “Cat Woman”.

This has to be the end of the X-men series, at least for the big screen. I believe if Brian Singer came back to direct this sequel it would of been a great movie.

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆

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