Mac OS X on a PC?

For decades, man has pondered the question, “Can Apple’s OS X operating system be install on a PC?”

Since the 1980s, Apple has been selling a proprietary brand of computers called the “Mac” it’s short for “Macintosh”, incidentally it’s a name of type of apple. Apple’s proprietary OS is unique. In the past the OS can only be installed on specific hardware such as Motorola’s Power PC chip. Getting Apple’s OS to run on anything other than the Mac components was practically impossible. So that left two kinds of computer users; the mac-guy and the PC-guy. Three, if you count the Linux geeks.

There are many reasons to love a Mac as well as many reasons to hate it. The Mac is stable as it’s OS is built on a Unix core, FreeBSD, and is fine-tuned for their proprietary hardware. The OS is colorful and pretty and easy to use. Unlike the PC, the Mac doesn’t have a large library of applications (Software). If you have a Mac and thinking about playing games, you’re shit-out-luck. Also, when you buy a Mac you’re pretty much stuck with all it’s hardware. You can upgrade the hard drive and the RAM which is probably about it. Compared to Intel CPU the Motorola’s Power PC process was never quite has fast.

Anyhow, recently, Apple as opted to switch and use use Intel processors. Now Apple’s computers can utilize Intel’s more powerful CPUs. This switch also enable’s Apple to take advantage of Intel’s economy of scale and decrease their cost of their computers. All of this means that Apple’s OS, called OS X, is now compatible with Intel processors rather than Motorola’s. With the right hack and some code changes, and patching the OS X can be install in a PC.

Don’t worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. It’s true those are pictures of the Mac OS X running on my IBM ThinkPad. My laptop is currently running a dual boot of Windows XP and OS X. The installation was quite painless, but it did require quite a bit of time. The ThinkPad is equipped with a 1.5 Ghz Centrino with 512 MB of RAM. The OS X is running natively and the performance is fast. So far everything is working perfectly except for the wireless NIC. Hopefully I can figure out or find a way to get it to work. I’m still fiddling around with this OS. It’s not bad, but so far I still prefer my Windows.

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