Team Quest Training Camp

The weather was wet and cold. Portland, Oregon didn’t seem any different than any other city except for having one of the best fight teams in the US.

The Team Quest training facility is quite big. It has two large training areas and two other non-fighting rooms; one for weights and the other for the heavy bags. During the three day session Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, Nathan Quarry, and Robert Follis were able to go through a lot of techniques in striking to the ground game.

Team Quest’s base is wrestling and many of their techniques derived from wrestling but tweaked to fit for fighting. Randy went over his famous clinch-work you see in all his fights and how he uses it to his advantage. Matt with his extensive wrestling background went through several ways on how to escape from the bottom positions such from the guard, half-guard, side mount and full mount. Nathan went over several defensive moves and showed us how to use the cage to your advantage. Robert is the guru of the ground game. He went over many of the techniques on how to advance to get into dominant position from the top. These techniques from these Pros are very effictive and it shows why they have some of the best fighters out there.

The camp ended with the guys fielding questions from everyone about dieting, training, their personal lives, and opinions on Pride, UFC, and the future of MMA. Overall, the camp is awesome, and I recommend anyone with a remote intrest in training in MMA or just even a fan of the sport.

You can check out their website HERE

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