Friday the 13th

I’m packed and ready to go to Portland. Got all my gear and clothing all set. I’m taking off tomorrow at noon. Knowing its Friday the 13th doesn’t comfort the fact that I’ll be flying there. I’m not afraid of flying, but there have been a lot of events involving in planes disappearing and crashing especially in the last few years.

I think I maybe starting to get a cold. My throat has been sore since Monday and it has gotten worse. Today it’s difficult to swallow normal pieces of food. Having a sore throat is usually a precoursor to getting sick, at least for me that is. I hope I don’t get sick during the training. I don’t want to be cowering in the corner like a sissy while I get pummelled because I’m too weak from being sick.

Anyway, at least I have an excuse for getting wooped on. This will be my last entry until I get back. See everyone next week.

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