Nice day for a run

It’s been a while since I did a full track workout on my own. It feels good and exhausting. 

And It’s been an even longer time since I skipped coaching a track season. I miss it a bit, but it also gives me time to rest an be with my family, and this is a much better trade off.

Beware of fake tax emails

Today I received an email from my bank stating that my tax papers are ready for me to download.

I know that my bank physically mails me those papers, so I looked a little closer and it turns out that it’s a fake email that is disguised to steal my bank log in information. If you’re savvy with your email check out the email header info to see where the email is really from. That email looked very legit. It contained lots of official looking images and verbiage that financial institutions would use.  So be careful out there. Those bad people know tax season is near so they’re out there to steal information from you.

If you’re unsure whether your bank email message is legit go directly to your bank website by manually opening up your web browser and typing in your username and password on a home computer. Keep in mind that the web address to any bank log in will start with HTTPS in addition to an image of a padlock.



If it doesn’t then close your browser and make sure you typed in the correct address. Most bank web access accounts should have an inbox that contains official emails from the banks itself. If you’re still paranoid go directly to your bank branch and request any tax papers you need.

Happy New Year

It’s a day late, but Happy New Year anyways.  It’s been almost a whole year since I posted anything on my blog. Sorry to the three people that actually visit this site.

Anyhow, 2014 was a great year. I started a new job, I finished grad school, my son turned two, and I finally installed AC for my house. I don’t how we survived the hot summers the previous years. 2015 will be just as exciting as my family life will be even more busy with a new addition coming this spring.

And YES, I do keep up with UFC my MMA interest hasn’t waned. And just for the record I’m picking Jon Jones by TKO in the championship rounds against Daniel Cormier.

Replaced my laptop’s hard drive to an SSD. Best upgrade ever.

Upgrading your hard drive to a solid state drive can give your computer a significant speed boost. I wish I upgraded sooner.

SSD drives are more expensive than traditional drives, but drives prices have gone down quite a bit when compared to two years ago. I got a Samsung 840 pro 512GB at Fry’s with a price match from Amazon.

I’m still shocked that Silva got KO’d

Even after watching the fight again I’m still not satisfied about Weidman winning the belt. I hope Silva returns and gets his belt back before he retires. But its a great lesson for all fighters that you shouldn’t clown around in the cage against anyone.

UFC 161



Unfortunately a rematch of MMA’s greatest bout (Rua vs Nogueira) was pulled but a bout between Evans and Henderson is an interesting one.  In fact, they are very similar in style, but Evans is more dynamic. Henderson is getting up there in age and it is going to affect his speed and reaction.  The only chance Henderson has on Evans is his ability to pack a KO punch with either hand. As long as Evans is able to stay clear of Henderson’s haymakers he can squeeze Henderson to a decision win.


My Picks:

Rashad Evans beats Dan Henderson
Roy Nelson beats Stipe Miocic
Igor Pokrajac beats Ryan Jimmo
Jake Shields beats Tyron Woodley
Pat Barry beats Shawn Jordan
Alexis Davis beats Rosi Sexton
Sean Pierson beats Kenny Robertson