iPhone 4S: Are you excited or disappointed?

Today, Apple announced their next generation iPhone called the “iPhone 4S”.  While many diehard fans and many tech enthusiasts were hoping for a radical redesign they are left scratching their heads, “What happen to the iPhone 5?”

It doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all that there was no iPhone 5 announcement. If you look back at history, Apple released the “3GS” just two years ago. So we can assume a completely new iPhone 5 would likely come next year. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The innards of the 4S is all new. New faster and powerful dual core processor and an 8 MP camera with 1080p video recording.  And other features will be in their upcoming iOS update coming on October 12th.

Like any other businesses out there Apple is taking advantage of their current supply chains and manufacture process. Keeping the same design also keeps theirs costs down. Similarly to Intel’s Tick-Tock model, Apple has an alternating cycle of development. Where they refine their current technology one year and revolutionize it the next.

With the announcement over and done with are you excited or disappointed?

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