Source Code

Jake Gyllenhaal plays military Captain, Colter Stevens, who awakes in a train. He is in the body of  man name Sean Fentress. He doesn’t know where he’s at or how he got there. He is with a woman named Christina who is his friend, but he doesn’t recognize her. The train suddenly explodes and he awakes to find he is part of a military experiment. This experiment allows Captain Stevens to relive the last 8 minutes of the train explosion in the body of Fentress. Now he must use those 8 minutes to find the bomber to prevent another more devastating explosion.

The science behind the plot is a little fuzzy, but nonetheless the movie is thrilling and fun.  Gyllenhaal plays his part well making you feel his frustration and confusion throughout the movie.  Source Code is a great Sci fi movie that won’t disappoint.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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