Resident Evil: Afterlife

This fourth installment of the Resident Evil franchise tries to spice it up with it’s 3-D features. In all honesty the 3-D mania that all these producers and TV manufactures are touting is a bunch of hot air. I’ve seen some 3-D movies and so far none of them add any kind of enhancement to the movie-goer experience. Anyways, back to the movie, the latest installment of the the Resident Evil movie is much like its predecessors. It’s full of mind numbing action that takes the basic laws of physics and chucks it out the window.

Alice finds a small group of survivors who have barricaded themselves in a large prison. They receive a radio call of a safe haven located on a large ship near by, but they are unable to get to it because they are surrounded by thousands of flesh eating zombies. They are soon forced to abandon the prison as it becomes over run by those monsters. It sounds interesting but unfortunately the entire movie didn’t pan out that way.

The movie is filled with plot holes and inconsistencies (Geez what a surprise). Spoiler Alert: Alice and a few others swim down several stories underneath the flooded creepy prison to an armory all while being chased by zombies. They lock themselves in the armory and their escape was through a vent in the ceiling that leads them to back to safety. How convenient.

RE: Afterlife doesn’t offer much in a thoughtful plot. Instead it tries to fancy itself with Matrix-like slow motion action.

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆

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