Givaway: Blackberry 9700 Invisible Shield by Zagg (Shield Full Body)

I have an Invisible Shield (full body) for the Blackberry 9700 to giveaway (Brand new in it’s retail package). So how does it work?  Just leave a comment on this post about what you like about your Blackberry.  I will pick a random comment and then contact the person for the shipping info and I’ll send it to them for free.  Sorry, I will not be shipping it to anyone outside of the US.  What if you don’t own a Blackberry 9700? Well, you can always sell it, give it away, or trade it in (if that’s possible).

So let’s get it started. What’s your favorite thing about your Blackberry smart phone?

8 Replies to “Givaway: Blackberry 9700 Invisible Shield by Zagg (Shield Full Body)”

  1. I love my BB 9700 because it does everything! I use it for email, address book, calendar, MP3 player, camera…everything!

  2. I love it because now I can’t live without it. Keeps me up to date on appointments and conf calls. Also keeps me in touch with my family/friends. Got about 40 birthday wishes on Facebook via my BB today!

  3. I love how it can connect to wifi, and it plays all my music. I don’t need my old iPod anymore!

  4. I love my BlackBerry Bold 9700 because it keeps me in sync with my work and it does what i need an ipod to do and it does the social networking tht i need to do an a computer and the apps are just a bonus 😀 also because it has BBM!! (:

  5. I like my blackberry because its easy to type on and keeps me connected to people, friends, and the world via news and internet. It also plays music with better sound than any ipod or other mp3 player I found. I have nerve damage and muscle atrophy so I’m stuck laying down a lot in pain. It keeps my mind sharper than it would be otherwise as using a computer is more difficult. I especially like the bbm and text messages I get to let me know people are thinking of me and I like podtrapper because it let’s me listen to the divine office. It also let’s me see the latest naruto episodes off youtube. I miss software engineering, but at least I can read about all the technology.

  6. Why do I love it? Because for me, it’s everything! Communication, entertainment, you name it! I use it for work, personal, etc. Working in a school I’ve got to stay organized so I use the calendar A LOT to stay up on all my meetings & trainings. BBM keeps me connected to family & friends all over, even got my wife converted to Blackberry on her latest upgrade so no more worrying about sending too many SMS messages!

  7. I love my blackberry bold 9700 because bbm lets me keep in contact with all my friends when im away at university

  8. Blackberry Messenger. Love it. I’m able to keep in touch with all my friends who have blackberry’s. We never get any work done.

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