GigaWorks T20 Review

I have been  using Creative Linspire 2.1 Slim 2700 for several years. They’re a great set for the price (about $90) and have served my media and gaming sessions well, but I have decided to get new speakers because of my personal project to de-clutter my office.  To keep everything to a minimum and maintain all the important apsects of my daily computing I had to consolidate my gear. Moving from a 2.1 speaker system to just a standard 2-speaker system was one those tasks.

Switching from the Linspire Slim to these Gigworks speakers made a big difference in terms of the amount of floor space and desktop space they take up. The GigaWorks T20 is a basic 2-speaker system whereas the Linspire Slim is 2.1 (I would consider it to be a 3.1 as the Linspire Slim comes with two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and a volume-dial).  The Gigworks T20 are just two massive desktop speakers, but the interesting bit is that even though these two speakers are big they barely take up any more desktop space than the Slims satellite speakers. The difference is that the GigaWorks doesn’t have a seperate volume dial and a subwoofer and that extra space is what counts (all the bass, treble, and volume controls are located on the right speaker). Not only did I gain a few square inches of desktop space and a square foot of floor space I also have less wires running around.

The biggest surprise is how great these GigaWorks speakers sound. The sounds are full and crisp. The treble and bass are strong and clean. They make my old Linspire Slims sound like cheap $10 speakers. But this higher audio quality comes at a much higher price. At $100 it is an expensive 2-speaker system. But you get what you pay for.  Not only do these sound great the speakers are well-built and feels very solid. So if you’re in need of a new 2-speaker system that doesn’t take up too much space and have awesome audio quality the GigaWorks T20 is it. And if you have deep pockets you may also want to take a look at the T40, they are the ultra-premium version of the T20s. The only difference is the speakers are a much taller and probably sound more awesome.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Great sound
No subwoofer or seperate volume controls
Looks great

Expensive (about $100)

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