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For those who have a Blackberry and don’t know what apps to install on their phone here is a list of current apps that I use on mine.  Many of the apps can be download on Blackberry App World or can be download at the developer’s website. The apps listed below may not work with all models. I currently use the 9700, so be sure to check on developer’s website to see if your phone is compatible.

Facebook – Anyone who has a Facebook account will need to have this app. It’s a great app to view your Facebook notifications and post status updates.

Beejive – If you have multiple IM accounts Beejive provides access to all of them in one app. There is a 30 day trial version that is available to check out.

Associated Press – This is my favorite news app. It has a simple and organized GUI. It provides nation, international, and local news.

Amazon – I use this app often especially when I go shopping for price comparison. If you shop at often then you’ll need this app.

eBay – I use this app from time to time looking up random items. It’s currently in beta but it works fine without any problems.

Google Maps – This is a must have app for any Blackberry device. There’s no other free map app or even paid app that compares to Google Maps.

Google Voice – If you use Google Voice then you will need this app. It will allow you to call and SMS directly from your address book.

Google Sync – This app syncs your address book and calender to your google account.

Google Mobile App – This is no different than using the google search from the web browser, but the feature that makes this worth downloading is that it provides search by voice.

Gmail – It might seem redundant to have a Gmail app if you already set your account with BIS, but with the Gmail app you can search through old emails that may not be on your Blackberry.

Audible – The Audible app will allow you to listen to your Audible audio books on your Blackberry. If you don’t have an Audible account you probably won’t need to install this app.

Yelp – It’s a great app to look for restaurants and stores and read reviews about them. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to login and write you own reviews.

Pandora – Similar to the apps on the iPhone or even on your computer. It’s a customizable streaming radio.

Personal Assistance – I use this app to look up my financial balance. You can also use this app to track non financial apps such as bills, itineraries, and miscellaneous accounts.  The free version allows you to have up to 5 accounts.

Flixter – This is a great app to look up movies and near by theaters as well as read reviews from critics and users.

WordPress – If you have your own WordPress blog and would like to blog from your Blackberry then you’ll need this app. – It’s pretty much self explanatory. This app is also a thesaurus and provides audio pronunciations of words.

iheartradio – Unlike Pandora, iheartradio stream radio station broadcasts. iheartradio lists some popular local radio broadcast as well as online broadcasts.

Urbanspoon – Like a slot machine it random selects a nearby restaurant. You have it sort by location, type of food, and cost.

ProOnGo – I recently downloaded this app to keep track of my purchases. This app allows you to take pictures of your reciept and it will automatically fills in the info for you.

RepliGo Reader – Unfortunately, Blackberry doesn’t come with a native PDF reader. The only way to read PDF files is to download a third party app. RepliGo Reader has been working great for me and has worked with all my PDF files.

Quicklaunch – This is my favorite paid app. This will allow you to assign any keys to launch your applications, contacts, or browser shortcut/bookmarks. I wish Blackberry had this app built-in.

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