The Holidays

Thanksgiving is over and the rush for holiday shopping has begun. Black Friday came and went and so far it doesn’t look as good as we liked at least from an economic standpoint. The number one gift that many people are looking for this is year is getting a job.

The holiday is suppose to represent cheerfulness, fun, family, unity, and excitement. But as long as I could remember the holidays were never anything close to what we see on Christmas cards, movies, and in stories. Every year there are groups of people fighting over the use of “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”. Fights and protests break out because of this these little phrases. They both mean the same if you asked me, and I’m sure it does for many people.

Shopping is a big part of the holiday season. People wait in line for hours in the cold to get those great deals. I remember last year a Walmart employee got stomped to death by a stampede of shoppers. It was very unfortunate. I sometimes wonder if anyone in that stampede realized that they were running over a person on the floor. I’m sure at least one person who wasn’t aware would have tripped over the doomed employee and caused some sort of disruption to the flow of people coming into the store, but instead the horde of shoppers stampeded over and around the employee as though they knew he was there. Again, it was very unfortunate.

The holiday season gets more commercialized and more detracted from it’s true meaning every year. It’s all about sales numbers for retail stores, awesome deals, and religious conflicts. I’m sure there’s still some true holiday spirit left somewhere in our society. We see it from time to time and it’s should be noted when it happens.

Anyways, happy shopping and happy holidays.

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