Windows 7 comes out tomorrow


Windows 7 comes out tomorrow and with a lot of fan fare. For the past two years Vista has been a thorn in Microsoft’s side. With Vista’s initial release the lack of third party driver support and the bombardment of poor reviews left users running away from the OS.

With Windows 7 Microsoft have right many of the wrongs and by maintaining the core code from Vista many of the existing drivers will work right out of the box. I’ve been using Windows 7 since it’s beta release through its RC then to it’s RTM debut. Windows 7 is without a doubt the best Windows operating system.  It’s wide range of peripheral and hardware support makes installing it so easy. They days of hunting down drivers… Okay, it’s still there but much less of a hassle. Those who still plan to stick with Windows XP will be missing out on many of the new features. So if you’re looking to buy a new computer now is the time, well actually it’s tomorrow, but you can be sure that the latest OS will be pre-installed. For those who recently purchased a computer check with manufacturer to see if you’re eligible for a free upgrade.

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