Unofficial Blackberry Bold OS

I had a chance to install the new leaked OS. It’s very stable compared to the previous leaks, but there are a few issues that I’ve encountered:

-Media Net and Hotspot browser is only available browsers, no Blackberry Browser
-Beejive doesn’t work (latest beta version)
-Error’s during Google Sync, but it still works
-Error’s with Pandora setup, but it still works
-Have you reinstall Facebook app
-BMM is version 4.7
-No Blackberry Appworld

Don’t let these issues here discourage you from using it. The OS is decent and you can use it everyday without any major issues. Here are some of the new features and apps list that actually work.

-Threaded SMS, finally! 😀
-Google Voice works
-Bloomberg app works
-Associated Press app works
-Wordpress apps works
-Google Maps works
-Amazon app works
-Minor UI changes

Since it’s an unofficial release I won’t be posting a link to download the OS. You’ll have to search for it yourself. Sorry.

Google is your friend.

*Update: So after a few more hours of use I found out that to get the App World you would need to re download it. The latest Facebook app works but it’s still quirky. It sometimes let me login and sometimes it doesn’t. Beejive doesn’t work whether its the lastest beta or the stable version. Other than that everything else seems to be working fine. Those error’s that pops up for certain apps are caused by the permission settings after allowing the permissions you won’t be getting any of those errors.

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