New WordPress Blog

As you can see the new WordPress blog is up and running. There are still some work I have to do, but so far it looks good.

I ran into a few problems getting WordPress switched over. Initially, I was prepping WordPress on a virtual server and once I was finished with it I would just move the VM over to my main machine. But the problem started out with hardware problems. It was having problems running Windows 2008. The drivers caused several BSOD, so I installed Windows 7 RTM instead, and now it works like a charm.

I’m running VMware Server, so I transferred my VM over easily. The big problem was when I had to change my staging domain to my real domain. Things fell apart from there. The site didn’t load up because the URI was not set before I moved my website. After correcting the URI none of the images loaded up. It turns out that the link to all my images in my posts have been hard-coded with my staging URL.  After several hours scouring the internet I found the simplest solution. I had to export my database and use wordpad to replace my old URL with the new one then import the database back.  In the end it all worked out.

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