Afflication goes under, UFC tries to takes the spoils

It’s unfortunate that Afflication “Trilogy” event was cancelled I was looking forward to the Barnett and Emelianenko’s showdown, and now Afflication leaving the MMA promotion scene and sticking to what they do best, making t-shirts. The situation is kind of bitter sweet. With Afflication around it gave UFC some viable competition where fans gets to see more fights and fighters get better pay. UFC is probably licking its chops waiting to scoop of fighters left hanging from the fall of Afflication. UFC has just recently picked up Vitor Belfort and Tito Ortiz. There may be other fighter still left to be signed, but the one that is eluding the number one promotion is Fedor Emelianenko. Known as the world’s number one best heavyweight fighter, Fedor has resisted to UFC efforts in getting him under contract. Dana White, UFC’s President, has stated he has offered lucrative deals for the world champion, but his management has refused and wants to co-promote with the UFC if they want Fedor’s services.

The question is who needs who more? UFC doesn’t need Fedor and can still prosper as the leading MMA promotion in the world. Whereas Fedor is stuck in no-man’s land. He has no promotion to fight for except his own, M-1, which no one outside of Siberia ever heard of. I’m a huge fan of Fedor and his management team is ruining his chances of establishing a legacy in MMA. If Fedor wants to fight the best fighters in the world then he better get into the UFC and if this co-promotion demand is standing in his way then he should fire his manager. If you look at the MMA timeline it proves that UFC is doing something right. Elite XC came out strong, but ended up going under due to bad decisions and poor management. Affliction was up and coming and had two great shows with top named fighters, but eventually went defunct. UFC on the other hand is still thriving and sells out almost every event. So if Fedor’s management and M1 doesn’t get their head out of their asses their opportunity to showcase their champion to the world will pass them by. The one thing I fear the most about Fedor is that if he doesn’t get into the UFC he’ll become the next Frank Shamrock.

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