Let’s Ring in the New Year

Yeah, I know it’s a little late to say Happy New Year, I had a two week vacation from work a week ago and it’s always tough to be back at work. Anyways, My new year has started off with a hick up. I lost my Blackberry Bold on a ski trip this weekend. A loss like that is almost grounds for suicide, but I’m holding up fine. At least for now. I’m now using a trusty Blackberry 8700c. I haven’t used this phone in a couple of years and it feels weird using a Blackberry without a trackball.

I remember when 2008 started, it’s ironic how many people said it would be a great and fortunate year since the number 8 is considered to be a very lucky number in Asian cultures, but it turned out to be the worse year since the great depression era. But I have a feeling 2009 will be a much better. Much better than 2008 and I know that’s not saying much but at least we can have a little optimism. So far January will be exciting. We’ll be swearing in a new President into office. Not just any President, it’s a Black President. Also, Two big UFC within two weeks of each other each with an exciting headline match. Rich Franklin v. Dan Henderson will be squaring off this weekend, and BJ Penn will be battling George St. Pierre at the end of the month. Yes, it’s very exciting. So here’s to a fortunate and happy New Year. Cheers!

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