Economy in Crisis

Unless you’ve been living under a rock inside a cave located somewhere on the moon you may know that our economy has been in a downturn for about year. It’s especially apparent for the past few months as unemployment rises and stocks tumbling like Britney Spears second attempt at a singing career. The silver lining of this historic event is that gas prices are low. So low that gas guzzling SUVs are looking pretty good, so get your driving on while gas is cheap.

Our government is bailing out the financial institutions and the struggling US auto makers are standing by with their hands out begging to get a piece of that pie. And in the midst of all this economic drama our new President elect promises to heal and restore our economy once he takes office. Also, stock prices are low and cheap. If you’ve never invested or interested in investing now is a good time to buy. If history is any indication investing for the long term at this moment may pay off quite well. But before you go out and throw all your hard earned money into the market. Talk to someone who knows something about investing before you jump into it.

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