The Bold

I’m back, for now. I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to post lately, but I’ll explain it at a later date. As of Wednesday I managed to pick up a Bold. Yes, that’s right. I now have a Blackberry Bold in addition to an iPhone 3G. I love spoiling myself, and its great. Everyone should do it.

The Blackberry Bold is aesthetically pleasing and it’s solidly built. It’s lighter than it looks and the size is slightly bigger than a curve, but smaller than its 8800 brethren. Unlike any other Blackberry this Bold runs on much faster hardware. You can see it in the OS as you can scroll through icons, folders, and open apps without lag. If there’s one thing that makes this device stand out from any other phone, let alone other Blackberry devices, is the screen. The Bold’s screen is amazing. It’s something you have to see for yourself to get a full grasp of what it’s capable of.

I’ll be back later with a full comparison to the iPhone and the Blackberry Curve.

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