Contemplating a blog upgrade

This blog is about 3 years old and I think it serves its purpose quite well, but the code and design of this blog engine is getting stagnant and outdated compared to other blogs. Blogs are vunerable to spammer placing ads and links in the comment entries and there have been a few days were I spent a good amount of time removing and blocking them. So I’ve been looking at other alternatives for a few weeks now and one of the options that looks to be a winner is FlatPress. There are many other alternatives out there but I was looking for something that does not require seperate database like MSSQL or MYSQL. This blog script, Simple PHP Blog, and FlatPress uses a flat-file database meaning all the blog data is stored in a text file format. Flat-file DBs are great because it allows easy back up of your blog site. You can just zip your root directory and unzip it onto a another web server and you’re ready to go. A blog with a MYSQL backend database will require a backup of the database and the root web directory. And to move the site you have to make sure your new host allows you to have your down DB.So it can get a little complicated and tedious.

If the Simple PHP Blog team doesn’t make any huge updates by the time summer ends I have may have to switch to FlatPress.

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