What’s New?

I haven’t been blogging for a while except for the UFC picks post here and there. As usual I’ve been busy and at times lazy to log on and blog. So what’s new?

I managed to do my taxes earlier this year and got my refund check within two weeks. With my refund I went on a spending spree. My first purchase were some nice leather Harley Davidson gloves and an awesome matching Harley leather jacket. I have a sport bike jacket, but I didn’t think it’ll look right wearing black and yellow learthers on my Street Bob Harley. Unfortunately, I haven’t been riding much due to the weather, but now with my new jacket and warmer temperatures I’ll be adding some serious miles. I’ve been itching to get some new pipes. Anyone want to contribute to my Harley exhuast fund? 😀

Also, last week I purchased a new laptop. A Thinkpad T61p. I sold my Dell m1710 last year and was looking to purchase a Thinkpad for a while. If anyone one knows anything about laptops Thinkpads kick ass. Their rugged build and business-class focus make them a lasting investment even in a laptop market where technology seems to change every 6 months. Unlike other named branded laptops Thinkpads don’t aim for flashy colors and styles instead it sticks with its iconic color of a matte black for all its models. In addition to my laptop I purchased a case and even an extended battery. For the past few days I’ve been using my Thinkpad religiously; at work and at home. Comparing it to my Dell laptop assigned to me from my work this Thinkpad is very solidly built and it feels like it can stop bullet, figuratively speaking of course.

For the past few months I put off on my running and workouts. In early December I hurt my leg during a wrestling practice. I ended up having a hair line fracture in my ankle and torn tendons. I’m still recovering and I’m slowly getting back into my running. I don’t want to push too hard and re-injure it, so I’ve been running slow and building my speed up each week. So far it’s going well. I got one more doctor follow up to see whether I will need surgery because there is a little pain that hasn’t gone away yet. So that’s pretty much sums up my last few weeks here. It’s nothing exciting, at least not yet.

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