Good Bye 2007, Hello 2008

2007 was a great year; I got a new job, moved into a new place, and my favorite sport, MMA, is getting more exciting each month. Unfortunately my picks for the last UFC event was horrible, but nonetheless it was a great event.

2008 should be a great year if not better. The number 8 in the Chinese culture is considered to be lucky, the number’s pronunciation sounds like the word “prosper” in their language. The upcoming new year will bring us the Olympics which takes place in Beijing, China. And 2008 will also bring us a new President.

This new year is also a time where people start anew. Like for their New Year’s resolution, for some it’ll be a hard and difficult goal, for others it’ll never come to materialize.

Have fun partying and celebrate the New Year in stunning fashion.

Happy New Year!

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