Big Fight Night Weekend


The biggest boxing match of the decade is happening tonight at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton. Both fighters are undefeated. Mayweather, the outspoken, brash and overwhelming confident fighter will try to use his speed and technique to stop the British slugger. This fight will be exciting. Not because of the big attraction, but their contrasting styles of boxing. Mayweather is the favorite, but I see Hatton pulling out the win with his relentless pressure and powerful body shots.


The Ultimate Fighter Finale is tonight. The finalist; Mac Danzig and Tommy Speer will be fighting for the six-figure UFC contract. Ironically, Danzig and Speer were the only team mates on the Hughes team to win also made it to the finals. Headlining the event is the Roger Huerta and Clay Guida fight. Both fighters are known for their fast-paced fights. Clay Guida have been in battles with some top fighters making him the more experienced fighter. Huerta an up and coming fighter who has racked up a string of wins and beating his oppenent convincingly has built a large fan base.

My picks are Danzig and Guida. Danzig’s experience and skill will trump Spears freakish power. Guida will be Huerta’s toughest opponent to date, and it’ll be Huerta’s lack of experience that will put him on the losing end of a decision.

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