Relationships: How they destroy men’s lives

When it comes to relationships women have their men by the balls; a tight vice-grip that is almost impossible to escape. Men believe they have the power and they control every aspect of the relationship, but little do they know it’s all a parlor trick. Women make their men believe what they want to believe, while secretly concocting a plan. It’s a plan that will ultimately lead to the utter destruction of her man’s manhood.

You see your friend quietly cowering in a corner cuddling a pillow with the remote in his hand flipping through the television guide aimlessly. Slow R&B music is playing in the background and unanswered IM messages fill his computer screen. He has been dumped. When a guy gets dumped it’s almost always unexpected. It’s like being blindsided by the proverbial Mack truck. For the woman, the event has been planned weeks in advance. The details all taped out in her head; the exact words she would say, the clothes she would wear, and the immediate destination she would go to after the break up.

As a friend looking on, you feel sorry for him, but like with any depressed and miserable moments in life you counter it with hanging out with friends and massive amounts of alcohol. He drinks and drinks till he pukes, then he drinks some more. Even when he wakes up in the morning the pounding headache still doesn’t take his mind off the fact that he as been handed the pink slip of rejection. “Why do I feel this way?” he asks himself. Besides the hangover and alcohol, he feels that way because it’s a sense of “Loss”. She probably wasn’t the hottest looking girl or the best girl he’s ever been with, but it is just the fact that he loss something close, and when it comes to sex he’s going to have to put some work to get some now.

Some men can rebound and come back stronger with a whole new outlook on life. But for others they become a mere whimpering of a man. Hope is lost and life is just metaphorical train that chugs along a laden path of existence. He becomes an emotional seesaw teetering on every feeling he gets from a girl. He questions and doubts his ability to spit game and in the end he settles with any girl who shows interests in him. Friends can do so much to help, but it’s up to him to realize his situation. And hopefully salvage his remaining dignity and re-grow the hairs on his balls that has once been stripped from the grips of his former half.

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