Autumn is here and so is UFC 76

The leaves haven’t turn to their autumn color but the weather is beginning make it feel like the Fall season is already here. The weather is much cooler, but unfortunately the rain puts damper on things. It limits my riding on a motorcycle to work and running in the rain wears out my shoes quicker. Nonetheless, change is good.

Again, postings on my blog has been sparse and its contributed to my busy schedule and a bit of laziness, or tireness depending how you look at it.

But many of you may guess that my post is usually accompanied by a telling of a UFC event and today is no exception. UFC 76: Knockout is today. The main event pits former Light Heavyweight Champ Chuck Liddell against a tough contender, Keith Jardine. Both fighters coming off a lose in their last fight will try to redemem themselves and to climb the ladder back to title contention.

The two fights I’m looking forward to is the Tavares/Griffin and the Shogun/Griffin fight (No, Griffin is not fighting twice. They are two different fighters; Tyson Griffin and Forrest Griffin, no relations). Tavares is an undefeated fighter with one of the best submission game in the light weight division. Tyson Griffin is a as-always tough little pitbull that is relentless. They both have excellent ground skills and it will make for an exciting match.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is making his UFC debut. Currently considered by many to be the #1 ranked Light Heavyweight fighter in the world and tonight he will need to prove why he is the best. But recently several PrideFC fighters have not been doing as well as expected. With Shogun’s lack of cage fighting experience we may see Shogun struggle in his fight against Forrest Griffin.

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