UFC 74: Respect


It looks like I only post on my blog when there’s a UFC event, but this time I’ve been pretty busy with work and other personal stuff. I know I always say this, but things should slow down and be steady within the next few weeks, so hopefully I can start blogging. Okay, lets get back to UFC stuff.

Couture is defending his newly held Heavyweight title from Gonzaga, the man who KO’d CroCop by giving him a taste of his own medicine; a high kick to the temple. Again in this fight Couture is the underdog. It’s understandable because Couture is of 44 years of age and he going up against a guy who skills can nullify Couture’s strengths. Keep in mind when the odds are against him Couture always proves us wrong.

Gonzaga is riding high with his last win over a seemingly invincible opponent; the knockout artist, Mirko CroCop. Gonzaga dropped CroCop like a sack of potatos with a right high kick. The suprising thing is that Gonzaga is known as a Brazilian Jui Jitsu practioner. Seeing Gonzaga standing toe to toe against one of the top strikers in the world and knocking him out made a defining statement in the MMA community, “I’m here to be the next champion!”

What’s your pick?

I’m going with Gonzaga. Couture has his hands full with this fight, and technically his only weapon is to win this fight is to pin Gonzaga against the fence and use his ‘dirty’ boxing and his Greco-Roman takedowns.

George St. Pierre is back. He is coming of a devastating loss to Matt Serra. Serra was a 10-1 underdog and somehow dismantled GSP, a task that seemed impossible. GSP is now on the warpath and his opponent is Josh Koscheck.

Koscheck has improved leaps and bounds ever since his debut in the TUF show. His last win was against Diego Sanchez who was his toughest opponent to date.

What’s your pick?

George St. Pierre is on a different level than Koscheck. GSP is nothing like Diego Sanchez, and if Koscheck thinks he has the skills to bring down GSP he has another thing coming. If Koscheck want to stand up against GSP his striking better be sharper than a Ginsu knife. Koscheck relies a lot on his wrestling takedowns, but GSP has lighting quick feet and will stuff and sprawl any of Koscheck’s takedowns.

These two fights alone are worth buying this PPV event. I can’t wait. Then in two weeks, we have another UFC event and it’s to unify the Light Heavyweight title of UFC and Pride FC! It’s MMA history in the making.

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