UFC 73: Stacked!


UFC is back at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Ca. This time I got tickets and will be there in person. UFC 73 is aptly named Stacked because it literally has a ‘stacked’ card; Sherk v. Franca, Tito v. Evans, and Marquardt v. A. Silva. Fights like these usually span across two different events.

The match I’m looking forward most is Sherk. v. Franca. Both are excellent fighters and I can’t imagine how this fight can’t be exciting. Sherk is like a little ball of muscle that pounds his opponents into oblivion, and Franca is slick and crafty Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner that can pull a submission from the most unlikely positions.

Tito and Rashad Evans’s rivalry parallel’s that of him and Ken Shamrock’s. Tito is a very emotional fighter and his intensity thrives on it,so if this is a true rivalry and Tito really hates Rashad then Tito will win this fight. If it’s just scripted drama for entertainment then it’s a coin toss between the fighters. They both have similar fighting styles. They like to take their opponents down with their wrestling and pound their opponents away.

I believe we still haven’t seen Anderson Silva’s best yet. Everyone says that Marquadt is well-rounded and has a good chance of beating Anderson Silva. Being well-rounded just means you’re ‘okay’ at striking and ‘okay’ at the ground game. But Anderson Silva’s standup is the best in the division and his jiu jitsu is very underrated. I predict that Marquadt would not try to strike with Silva and try to take him down. That’s where Silva will submit him (Triangle Choke).

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