UFC 71 – The King has fallen


The Iceman Chuck Liddell, UFC’s most dominant Light Heavyweight fighter, has been unbeated in about 3 years. Last night saw the Iceman fell via KO by the hands of an opponent who last beaten him, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.

How did Rampage beat Chuck?

It’s all about styles of fighting. Chuck’s hands are dynamite and anyone caught with one of his punches will go to sleep. Chuck knows the power he has and uses it well. Chuck likes to keep his distance and throw his looping punches and combinations. His strategy includes moving laterally around the cage or even back pedaling to lure his opponents. From there, Chuck would catch them with his big hooks.

Unfortunately, the strategy seems to work with grapplers with less stellar stand-up skills. Unlike Chucks past victims, Rampage has a get-in-your-face style and actually has the skill to go toe-to-toe with the Iceman. Rampage controlled the Octagon from the get-go. Chuck moved around trying to find his range. Every punch Chuck threw Rampage was able to block. It was during a flurry of Chuck’s punches that Rampage was able to throw a heavy right hook that drops Chuck to the floor. Smelling blood, Rampage pounced and finished the fight.

Chuck has now been dethroned and Rampage is in the spotlight. A title defense is in the works, and Rampage will have to defend his newly held title against long time friend, Dan Henderson. Pride’s 185 and 205 lbs Champion.

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