UFC 70, And the Upsets Continue


For the first time UFC gave the American and Canadian MMA fans a free UFC PPV-type event. Everyone else in the world had to pay to watch. The card was stacked with big names such as Arlovski, Bisping, Werdum, and Mirko Cro Cop. This is the third UFC event in a row where the main event bout was won by the underdog. These underdogs weren’t just average underdogs, the odds were heavily against them. Everyone expected them to lose.

First, it was Couture who got the upset by beating Tim Syliva by unanimous decision. Then it was Matt Serra that beat George St. Pierre by TKO, ref stoppage. And last night, Gonzaga, who did the unthinkable, KOed Cro Cop with a high kick to the temple dropping the Croation like a sack of potatos.

It’s either hell has frozen over or that MMA is taking its course of natural selection. These upsets maybe exciting for the newer fans of MMA, but for me, a long-time and serious fan, it’s driving me nuts.

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