What are YOU doing?

I haven’t been posting anything interesting lately. Besides the Democrats taking over the Congress in last week’s election and Rummy resigning from the Secretary of Defense there wasn’t really much to talk about.

I wonder how many of you will spend your evening camping out in front of your local electronic store for a chance to buy the new PS3? Good luck for those who are camping out. Supplies are limited so even if you do wait all night you’re not guaranteed to get one.

I have a three-day weekend starting tomorrow and what makes this weekend so special is the UFC 65 event. George St. Pierre will be fighting Matt Hughes for the Welterweight Championship. I’m as anxious as a high school girl awaiting the results of her pregnancy test.

So who’s up for the new James Bond movie and a round of drinks tomorrow? (I was going to say something clever that included Martinis and the phrase ‘shaken, not stirred, but I’m too tired.)

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