I’m Back from Las Vegas

I’m back. Going to Vegas by yourself ain’t that bad. You don’t have to deal with waiting for anyone or rooming up with someone who snores like a wilderbeast mating call. Unlike before, I didn’t have the same luck at the tables 🙁 Someone didn’t cross their fingers hard enough for me.

Most of my expenses came from cab fares and food/drinks.
Another huge chunk of my money went to a spa. Yup that’s right. I went to a spa and got pampered like a rich spoiled little white kid who’s father is some hotshot politician.

During this weekday Las Vegas wasn’t crowded. The people are so nice. On several occassions I was asked by several women if I would like a great time. Unfortunately, I was on my way to a buffet and had to decline. But it wasn’t like I didn’t already have a good time.

Here are some pictures that I’ve taken. Enjoy.

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