The Da Vinci Code


I haven’t read Dan Brown’s book where the movie was made after, but I have read and understood the premise of the story behind it. I’ve seen countless History Channel ‘Decoding the Da Vinci Code’ shows, and I’ve also rented a Blockbuster DVD about the in-depth history of the relating subject. The movie is directed by Ron Howard and starred by Tom Hanks. They’re a great combo and have worked on some good movies in the past.

Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks, a professor and an expert in cryptology, is called in by the French police for a murder investigation. The victim is an acquaintance of Langdon, who has left clues of a secret and to his murder suspect. Somehow the French police are convince that Langdon is the murderer and is trying to keep him in police custody. With the help of the murdered victim’s daughter, Langdon escapes, and their search for the killer and the unraveling of the secret begins.

Despite the fact that critics gave a negative review (I wonder if those reviews were somehow biased on account of religious loyalty), I find it quite the opposite. This suspense-thriller movie is a tad long and may put some people off. Nonetheless, the movie progresses quite well and keeps you engaged. This is one of those movies that will require an attention to detail and a bit of understanding of the Christian religion.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

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